top of page  is small charity dedicated to improving education for the children of Nepal.


Perhaps you have been to Nepal or dream of going and  experiencing  life  with it's wonderful  culture and people .

Many of our shop goods come from Nepal and so we naturally have a connection. This connection was strengthened when we were invited by a friend to become involved with CITC chairity and were priviledge to attend the opening of one of their  building projects in Bakhapalm.


We hope like us,you believe in the fundamental right of every child to an education  and wish to ensure their future.


"Classrooms in the clouds" have achieved so much in their first few years, building new school classrooms and supporting/sponsoring  teachers .

 Already  massive differences  can been seen, improving  the lives of the children and communities.

There are still many children in Nepal receiving an inadequate education, or in many cases, no education at all.

Visiting Nepal has changed our lives forever and given us a much greater appreciation for the things that so many of us take for granted. We  try and give something back, to give these children a better opportunity to learn, and reach the summit of their potential.

Classrooms in the clouds


Shayne at the grand opening of Bakhapalam school in Nepal.
We now sponsor a teacher at this school called Mani Rai.

Kaboodle are proud to support

this fantastic charity

As a small charity classrooms in the clouds rely on the support of individual donations and assistance from volunteers and small businesses such as ourselves.

We have seen first hand what a difference CITC has made and know that the money raised goes direct to the projects without getting "tangled up" on route !!















There are lots of ways for you to be a part of our story, and share in Nepal's future success together:

Simply buy one of our  "giving cards",  sponsor us for  one of our Charity events either on-line or in store, or  just go to their website to find out how you can help them directly.



Sponsor a teacher for a day

Just £6- will pay for a teacher at one of 's school projects for a day.

Inspired by oxfams "Give a goat" idea, its an ideal gift for friends, family, teachers and work colleagues.


By using BT Donate the money goes straight to the charity.


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Read about our previous fundraisning events for

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To purchase C.I.T.C supporting merchandise  and help this great charity.

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