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How it all  began


In 2000 after working for "the man" for 18 years, Shayne decided to jump ship and become his own boss. happiness was more important than a regular wage.

Over the years with world travel and Eastern influences, kaboodle has changed from country inspired wares to world emporium.

Our way of thinking is if we love it, someone else is bound to! this could explain the quantity of VW products and glittery boxes festooned around the place.

And then....


After persueding Hazel into marrying him, brainwashing her into leaving her better paid job to open a 2nd Kaboodle proved to be a doddle.

Never discuss a new project with Shayne, next thing you know its happening. Thats how we ended building our own house!


No Shayne!!


2 years and a "discussion" over a bottle of wine later,  said new shop had been puchased, knocked through and extended out into the back yard!

Luckily the new lighter, brighter, bigger shop is now better than ever and due to the wonders of the internet, the sky is no longer the limit!


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